We employ a specialized technique for painting vehicles at Status Motors which gives them a smooth and quality finish unlike the traditional methods. With oven baked spray painting give your vehicle a brand new look!

Oven bake technology have extraction systems and filters, which remove atomized spray from the air. This creates a clean, dust- free environment with reduced overspray.The extraction system also creates a seal around the doors of the paint booth so that dust and other particles that might be found in a typical traditional workshop cannot enter the spraying area while work is in progress.

Here at STATUS MOTORS LTD , we strive to provide you with the best of everything. And that includes even painting! We employ oven bake technology to keep your car scratch free and new for a long time. Oven bake technology is a chamber or an enclosed space for heating, baking, hardening or drying a cars' paint job to give it that neat look which is not possible with the conventional approach that involves re-spraying or re-painting the car outdoor.

It creates a clean, dust-free environment with reduced overspray. Now the painter can carry on with his job and after the paint is done, a detailed inspection is carried out of the work done.